Ride on Digger Top Picks

Ride on Digger

Are you pondering over what the perfect Christmas gift or perfect birthday gift is for your adventurous and imaginative child? After something that can be used both indoors and outdoors, and something beyond the usual puzzle or video game? That’s where the kids ride on car comes into the equation. It’s the perfect gift for kids who love a bit of adventure and exploration. Kids ride on cars are an ever evolving and vast market, with hundreds of options such as fancy Lamborghinis or cool police ride on cars but relatively new to the equation is the ride on digger. Ride on diggers include ride on bulldozers, dump trucks and tractors.

Stumped as to which ride on digger suits your child and you? Have a browse through our list of our top ride on digger picks and start digging!

  1. Budget Friendly Ride on Digger.
  2. Most Durable Ride on Digger.
  3. Ride on Bulldozer.
  4. Ride on Tractor.
  5. Ride on Bulldozer with all the extras.
  6. Two seater Ride on Tractor.
  7. Ride on Tractor with dump truck.

If price is the deciding factor take a look at-

Budget Friendly Ride on Digger:

This budget friendly ride on digger comes in two colours, has a functioning excavator and has safe speeds that give you peace of mind when your toddler is whizzing around! Definitely our most budget friendly option, this kids ride on will still ensure your child has hours of fun, and there’s no price on fun!

Features: Flashing lights, in-built music and 12V battery (6V 4.5AH x 2).

-Most budget friendly option.
-Functioning excavator.

-As this model is suited to the little ones, it does drive slower than the other digger models.

If quality is a priority-

Most Durable Ride on Digger:

This durable ride on digger offers the most realistic driving experience and will actually make you feel you’re on a real construction site. Has a stunning exterior design that makes it akin to the real thing! Looks fantastic, has brilliant features, is top quality and suitable for driving even on the sand or gravel.Better yet, let your kid clean up the mess from your gardening by excavating the piles of dirt or gravel left behind. Perfect present for both the parent and child…

Features: 12V battery (6V 7AH x2), inbuilt music, lights and functioning excavator.

-Can move forward and backwards.
-Functional excavator.

-Can only fit one child.

Honk Honk…Coming through, coming through

Ride on Bulldozer:

Coming through, coming through… This extremely durable, secure and realistic bulldozer is the perfect present for your child to channel construction site worker vibes. Comes with a functioning excavator, this ride on digger has all the perks of a real bulldozer and the safety features that come with all our ride on cars. Let your child drive their way through makeshift construction sites in the backyard and bulldoze anything in their path.

Features: 12V battery (6V 7AH x2), inbuilt music, lights and reverse function.

-Moves forward and backwards!
-Who doesn’t think a bulldozer is cool?!

-Might accidentally bulldoze mum while she’s doing the gardening.

Farmyard calling? Look no further..

Ride on Tractor:

This realistic looking tractor will make your child feel like they’re actually on a farm. All they need to do is gather some hay, tell the farmyard animals to hop on back into the trailer, and get decked out in a cowboy hat…and you’ve got yourself a mini farmer. The places they will go, the games they will play with this delightful tractor is undoubtedly the best present you can give your child.

Features: 12V battery (7AH), 2 x motors, inbuilt music, lights, remote control and emergency stop button.

-Realistic looking tractor.
-Large tray, good for storing things.

-Longer than the average kid’s ride on vehicle.

After a truck that can do it all??

Ride on Truck

It looks like a CAT construction truck and behaves like one, it probably is one…right? Nope, this ride on vehicle not only looks like a real construction truck, it has a whole array of amazing features that will make any adult jealous that they don’t have one themselves! A fully functional tipping tray and rear wheel shock absorbers really makes this ride on digger stand out. Your child will be absolutely stoked with ride on vehicle, and think mum and dad are the coolest set of parents around.

Features:12V battery, 35W x 2 motors, inbuilt music, lights, rear wheel shock absorption, 2.4GHz remote control and tipping bucket.

-Wide seat.
-Comes with it’s own spade.

-May have you fooled as it sounds like a real car.

After a smoother ride?

Ride on Tractor with EVA Wheels
This stunning tractor comes in a flashy red colour, has anti-slip tyres and can seat two children! Perfect for the little tikes to broaden their imaginations and be like Old McDonald. EVA wheels perform far better than regular plastic wheels, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable drive. Two seater capabilities means there’s plenty of fun of had as siblings or friends can play imaginative games with the ride on tractor. Smoother driving experience, two seats and a tray that can be tipped…ride on tractors don’t get much better than this!

Features: 12V battery, two seater, nonslip EVA wheels, LED lights, 2.4GHz remote control, inbuilt music and a tray that can be tipped!

-Quality anti-slip tyres.
-Tray can be tipped.
-Comes in a flashy red colour.

-May be a tight squeeze with two older or taller children.

Want a smoother ride and all the extra?

Ride on Tractor with EVA Wheels and Dump Bucket:

The ride on tractor with everything. The cream of the crop when it comes to kids ride on tractors. Looks and drives like the real thing, this is the ultimate fun gift for your kid for whatever special occasion they’re celebrating. Perfect for hours of fun with friends. Sit back and watch your little farmer zoom on their tractor around the backyard.

Features: 24V battery, two seater, nonslip EVA wheels, LED lights, 2.4GHz remote control, inbuilt music and a tray that can be tipped!

-Quality anti slip wheels.
-Suitable for children aged 1-6.
-Powerful 24V battery.

May be a tight squeeze with two older or taller children.

Summing it up:

Whether its ride on diggers, excavators, dump trucks, excavators and tractors- your child will be spoilt for choice. Let their imaginations run wild and let them play farmer for the day, or a bulldozer operator. Ride on diggers are fun, inspiring and fascinating! With such a wide selection, there’s a kids ride on suitable for kids of all ages. We guarantee fun!


We recommend that these ride on cars be used under strict supervision or suggest that they be used by an older, responsible child as not all of the above models have seatbelts. Please be mindful that the scoop buckets or plastic forks can be prone to damage with rough usage. Encourage your children to drive responsibly.