Toy Horses

With Christmas right around the corner, the stress to find the right toy for your child is mounting. With so many fancy gadgets, dolls, cars, boardgames and expensive brands flooding the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Why not try something a little different and surprise your child with a horse toy?!

Classic Toy

Horse toys are a classic and timeless toy loved by kids of all ages. Not just limited to horse figurines, there’s plenty of options to choose from such as rocking horses, ride on horses, stuffed toy horses, horse stables, ponies and horse stable playsets.

Suitable for Everyone

With such a wide range of options for horse toys, you will be sure to find something for the kids. What’s great about horse toys are that they can be enjoyed by kids regardless of:

Great for Development

Toy animals are great for children of any age as they can be used to learn about animals, make animals sounds, and make scenarios in farms or zoos. Engaging in such play is great for encouraging creativity, imaginative play, fine motor skills and improving overall knowledge.

Toy animals are also great for children to learn about animals and practice traits such as empathy and kindness. They’re great for children who maybe afraid of a real animal, and as such playing with a toy animal can help address fears and anxieties related to animals.

Having a toy horse can teach your child a range of things:
-What sounds a horse makes
-Where horses live
-How to look after a horse
-What horses look like

Here’s why you should consider a ride on pony or ride on horse:

-Suitable for a range of ages
-Great for imaginative play
-Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play

Toys for Kids Sydney is the largest ride on cars retailer in Australia and they have an amazing ride on pony that is definitely worth thinking about. This ride on pony is not electric but instead has four wheels so your child can scoot around like the equestrian or cowboy they are. Comes in three different colours so everyone will be pleased. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser, so definitely add one to your cart today.

The Ride On Pony has a host of amazing features such as:
-stirrups to rest your feet
-handle bars for extra support and grip
-realistic looking saddle to sit atop
-Soft and plush exterior

For littlest ones, they have 6V electric ride on animals. Comes in either an unicorn, cow or dinosaur pattern, they’re guaranteed to thrill any toddler. They’re simply adorable and just the perfect addition for any playroom.

Every ride on animal also has handlebars on either side of the head, so your little one can hold onto them for extra support! Also has a sturdy footplate so those little feet feel secure and safe while riding. As they’re designed for children under the age of 4, these ride on animals only go forwards, however they do come with rolly wheels too which means you can push your child for a little extra speed!

Toys for Kids Sydney also stock an impressive range of ride on tractors, diggers and bulldozers!

Miniature Toy Horses and Horse Figurines

After something a little bit smaller? Why not amass your own collection with miniature horse figurines? Realistic looking horses in a miniature size, perfect for the avid collector or someone who’s thinking about starting a collection.

There are many brands out there that sell miniature horse collectibles at varying price points, which means it’s a perfect gift for both the wee little ones and the slightly more mature kids. Some horse figurines come with their own set of accessories.

Here’s some of our favourite brands for miniature horse toys:
-Breyer Horses

Schleich toys and Breyer Horsesare both available on Amazon, and will be stocked by most major toy shops. Breyer and Schleich offer purchasing of individual horse figures or packs with accessories such as riding stables, barns, riding gear and an accompanying miniature rider. Both brands stock impressive ranges that will definitely be fun to browse through .

Such an impressive and expansive range means that it’s a gift suitable for any age, and your child can create a horse world of their liking.

Horse Toys for Toddlers.

Have a fussy and mischievous toddler on your hands, who can not be trusted with miniature horse figurines and their accompanying miniature accessories? Despite their tender age, they still need their imagination stoked.

Melissa and Doug have a range of wooden and plush horse toys that are perfect for toddlers and younger children. Their toys are formulate to inspire creativity, learning, independence and problem solving skills.

Melissa and Doug toys are available at most toy retailers in Australia, and online on Amazon.

Our favorite Melissa & Doug horse toys are:
-Melissa & Doug Pasture Pals – 12 Collectible Horses With Wooden Barn-Shaped Crate
-Melissa & Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable Play Set With Wooden Stable Box and 8 Toy Horses
-Melissa & Doug Giddy-Up and Play Baby Activity Toy – Multi-Sensory Horse

There’s a whole range of horse toys out there so you’re guaranteed to find something to please just about everyone. Above are some of our favourites which we hope you and your family will love too!