Kids Quad bikes

Nothing excites a child more than having to drive their own vehicle just like they see adults do. This experience gives them a sense of responsibility, independence and makes them feel all grown up.

At Toys For Kids, we are proud to bring this incredible experience to children throughout Australia. We provide your kids with the latest, most advanced, and safest electric quad bikes to enhance their riding experience.

Styles of Quad Bikes at Toys For kids

Our exclusive quad bike models have exclusive features and styles to boost your kid’s sense of adventure and imagination. Some quads adopt a traditional go-kart style, while others take the design of a typical quad bike, truck, ride-on mower, or car. They are all available in different styles, shapes, and colours to suit every kid’s personality.

What to Consider in a Kid’s Quad Bike?

Electric quad bikes have different specifications. Some are designed for smooth and flat surfaces, while others can navigate rough or dirt roads. Other models also have multiple speed settings, electric start, start/stop buttons, and forward/reverse gear. Keep all these features in mind when shopping for your kid’s quad bike.

What’s New?

At Toys For Kids, we are happy to introduce our new range of products, including ATV kids quad bike, dirt bike, UTV, sports ATV, mini junior kids quad bike, and more. Visit our websites to check out our range of electric quad bikes and access our unmatched pre and post-sale deals.

Add a Quad Bike to Your Kid’s Fleet Today

Teach your kid how to drive like a pro today with the Toys For Kids’ adventure electric quad bike. Browse our website or give us a direct call at 0488 202 203 to get new offers and deals that will give your child a fun and exciting ride in the backyard.

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