Kids Scooters

Unlike the traditional kick scooters that couldn't offer much, modern kids scooters are designed with advanced features that make them ideal for kids of all ages. At Toys For Kids, we provide a range of kids scooters that offer an authentic taste of excitement at outdoor play. We also offer a range of scooter accessories and parts like handlebars and spare wheels.

Scooters for Little Ones

Want your kid to start scooting at an early age? Well, no problem. Toys For Kids provide a three-wheeled scooter for a safe start. These models are relatively stable than the two-wheeled scooters and offer your child the stability they need to learn the basics. Typically, scooters for kids include double front wheels, large chunky tyres, a low deck, and adjustable handlebars.

Scooter for Older Children

As soon as the kids grasp the basics, they are free to take the adventure to the next level, smartly and swiftly. At Toys For Kids, we offer a great range of electric scooters for older boys and girls. Our scooters incorporate excellent features to facilitate a safer, more stable, and smoother ride. Furthermore, some scooter models feature a suspension on the rear and front wheels to control the impact of bumps as the kids ride.

Also, we offer custom designs and themes to add more fun to your child's scooting experience. You can theme your kids' scooters featuring their favourite musician or movie characters. Kids ride on scooters they love, so be sure to create a design they will love.

Buy Your Kid an Electronic Scooter Today!

Browse our website to explore our top-shelf electric scooters for kids and buy the one that suits your child. You can also contact us online or call us directly at 0488 202 203 to speak to our sales representatives.

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