Buying the perfect gift for a child can be a challenge! Picking the perfect present for them can be overwhelming, frustrating and just downright difficult. Ride on cars and bikes have become a popular choice of gift lately for your little one due to its fun and adventurous nature. However, with so many options and price points available, how can you be sure that you’re buying the best and safest ride on for your child? We have answered all your questions and devised a simplified guide to assist you in your ride on car purchase. After all, a great and thoughtful present for your child is the key to creating memories that last forever.

  1. Safety
    Safety is obviously paramount in guiding your decision to purchase a ride on car. Ride on cars, like regular cars, can feature seat belts. Picking a ride on car with a seat belt ensures your little one is strapped in tightly for whatever adventures await them. It is also important that the ride on car you purchase be remote controlled too, so you can control the speed whilst allowing your child to independently drive the car too. Make it as slow or as fast as you want! Bear in mind, that the average speed of a ride on car is about 4-5 km/hr. A remote control also allows children as young as one year can enjoy a ride on car as well, as you can take them for a ride! An emergency stop button is another safety feature that you should look for as this enables you to stop the car quickly should your child find themselves in a precarious situation. Our top pick for the safest ride on car is one that has all of the aforementioned safety features.

  2. Motor Size
    Like with a regular car, the number of motors in the ride on car determines how powerful and smooth of a ride you get. Reliable ride on cars can vary between having two motors at the front or have four motors spread across the front and back of the car. Avoid ride on cars with only one motor as these have glaring inconsistencies with speed, efficiency and are prone to breaking down. Four motored ride on cars ensure that a heavier load can be carried, in other words can accommodate a growing child. A 4WD ride on allows for an off-road experience meaning it can be driven on grass and dirt, a 2WD will only be effective on a smooth and flat surface such as concrete. It also ensures that the max speed is constant despite the weight. Here are our top picks for a ride on with two motors (2WD) and four motors (4WD).

  3. Battery Size
    Ride on cars can have either 6, 12 or 24V batteries. Look for ride on cars with either 12V or 24V batteries. A larger battery size is indicative of power and run time. For a smaller and younger child, you may not want the most powerful ride on car so a 12V battery will suffice. Older kids would absolutely revel in joy with the power and thrill of a ride on car with a more powerful battery. Ride on cars with a 6V battery often have minimal running time, so best to avoid them. Also, do not be conned by a sales pitch claiming that their cars have a 48V battery because it simply does not exist. This is the most powerful ride on car available on the market right now.

  4. Age.

Your child’s age is a big determinant in deciding what ride on car to purchase. Ride on cars can be used from children aged 1-10, depending on the make of the car and the size of the child. Most ride on cars are designed to comfortably fit a child up until the ages of 5-6.  We stock the largest and most powerful ride on in Australia which can be used for a child until the age of 10. Smaller and less powerful ride on cars are best suited to young children and we suggest one like this which still has all the safety features.

  • Seating capabilities.
    Most ride on cars can only seat one child, however there are now options that can comfortably seat two kids and they even come with two seat belts! We have a range of two seater options and all come with seat belts, because we value the safety of your child. Popular one seater options include the Mercedes G63 and the Range Rover. Typically, your branded ride on cars will only have one seat; however, we do have a two seater Lamborghini in stock so your little one can share their luxurious ride with a friend or sibling. Our most popular two seater option is the biggest and most powerful ride on available.

  • Design
    Whilst most ride on cars attempt to replicate the real car, some ride on cars go that extra mile and are considered ‘licensed’ as their construction is supervised by the original car manufacturer. Licensed ride on cars are usually better quality, are more durable and have a longer battery life. Licensed cars perfectly replicated their real namesake. Popular licensed ride on cars include models from Lamborghini, Mercedes and Land Rover. Our top selling licensed ride on cars are the Mercedes G63 and the Range Rover.

  • Warranty and Support

Kids will be kids and their toys no matter how big or expensive are prone to faults and breakages. Ensuring you purchase your ride on car from a reputable dealer who offers warranty and support in repairing your ride on car should it have the misfortune of getting into an accident, is something to think about. Whilst you may find cheaper prices through online stores, it’s worth remembering that online retailers will not be able to repair your ride on car or offer you a proper warranty. Here at Toys for Kids, we have a mechanic available to do onsite repairs meaning we can repair your ride on car should it get into an accident. We also offer a one year warranty on all ride on car and ride on bike purchases.