How a Ride On Car Can Help Your Child’s Development

While ride on cars may seem like a gimmick and another toy to add to your child’s ever-expanding pile of toys, a ride on car can actually help your child in more ways than one!
The early years of your child’s life is absolutely crucial in determining their development and health. Healthy development involves such things as adequate nutrition, rest and sleep, a nurturing home environment, exercise and play. Ensuring these needs are met allows for a child to be mentally, physically and socially thriving.

Here are some of the ways a ride on car can aid your child’s development:

  • Allows for development of fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills involve the coordination of muscles and movement with the eyes, hands and fingers. Pressing buttons on the ride on cars or even opening the car door is allowing for fine motor skill development. Gross motor skills involve the large muscles in the arms, legs and torso. Encouraging your child to sit straight when in the ride on car or ride on bike helps build a strong core, and steering the wheel allows for development of the muscles in your child’s arms.
  • Helps develop observation skills and spatial awareness.
    When your child is old enough to drive a ride on car or bike without the aid of a parental remote, and able to steer the ride on comfortably- he or she will begin to take notice of their surroundings. Their observation skills and spatial awareness can be honed by having to navigate the ride on through obstacles, bumpy surfaces and their surroundings. They’ll be able to gauge distance and gain understanding of safe and unsafe factors in their environment.
  • Encouraging imaginative play and discovery.

Your child can be whoever they want when they get behind the wheel, whether it be a police officer or a racing car driver. They can go wherever their mind takes them- driving to the beach or off into the jungle! Giving your child the tools to expand and broaden their imagination is priceless as it helps develop creativity, intellectual development and decision making. That’s right- imaginative play can make your child smarter!

  • The ability to follow instructions.
    Ride on cars and bikes allow children to learn about road safety by putting on their seatbelts before driving. They can also learn to follow simple commands such as drive, slow down or stop. Why not make it into a fun game with your child by playing a traffic warden or police officer? If children perceive instructions and rules to be fun, they are more likely to follow them.
  • Play is important!
    A child’s development can be altered by what they play with, how often they play and who they play with. Ride on cars and bikes are an amazing source of playtime and keep your tot entertained for ages! It allows for individual play, supervised play and play with others. Play is important for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from physical and emotional development to fostering problem solving and interactions with others. Why not get yourself a ‘toy’ that is good for your child’s emotional, physical and social development?