Tricycle For Kids

Choosing a tricycle for a particular child can be difficult because of the various brands and models, not to mention the issue of safety. Basically, there are four factors to consider when selecting the trike for your kid and these are size, durability, safety and style. The first three factors are essential when looking for the safe trike for your kid.

First of all, size is very important not just for comfort but also for safety. It is advisable to consider a tricycle with an adjustable seat because children can grow so fast. The seat should not be too low that pedaling becomes very hard or too high where the feet do not touch the ground. The second factor to consider is durability. Aside from saving the parent the trouble of making repairs or buying a new one, a durable tricycle is also safer.

However, there is a possible conflict between durability and safety because the durable ones are the ones made of metal and which have higher centers of gravity. For safety, you will need to choose a tricycle that has a low center of gravity to minimize the possibility of the trike tipping over when the child makes a turn at a relatively high speed. Luckily, some brands have taken this into consideration and have built tricycles for kids that have low centers of gravity.

When safety is of utmost concern, the trike to choose should have a bucket seat and a low center of gravity. The bucket seat reduces the possibility of the child falling sideways while the low center of gravity minimizes the chance of the vehicle tipping over at fast speeds when making a turn. Fortunately, some manufacturers have come up with trikes that are made of metal to ensure durability, and that have bucket seats and low centers of gravity.

Kids Trikes

Kids Trikes are amongst the most popular ride-on tricycles for young children, designed for young children from aged 10-24 months and upwards.

This ride-on toy is the number one best-selling kids tricycle for several reasons, the main ones being:

Safety – the safety of their child is the paramount consideration for parents when choosing a ride-on toy.

Kids trikes put safety first at all times with a number of safety features built in to every model including secure seat with a high back, safety bar and seat belt, full metal construction and a telescopic steering handle that is fully adjustable and also removable. The handle is extremely robust and is used to steer the front wheel so you can push your young child around in safety and comfort. As your child gets older and builds up more confidence, the high backed seat and overhead sun canopy can be removed too.

Value for Money – this range of children’s trikes offers superb value for money with a bike to suit every budget. In addition to the price, a kid’s trike has a unique 3-in-1 design that gives unparalleled flexibility. The seat, safety bar and belt are fully adjustable, the steering handle can be taken off and there is a useful freewheel clutch future on the pedals. You can alter the design as your child grows and gains more confidence, thus extending the useful life of the toy. There is no need to throw the Smart Trike away after a few months when your child has grown out of it, you are able to get two years or more of riding pleasure from kids trikes.

There are several tricycles for kids models to choose from depending on your budget and your child’s colour preference. Whichever model you choose, rest assured that this trike offers the safest, most fun ride around!

Tricycles For Kids Help With Eye and Arm Coordination

Your child’s development is very important but did you know that the way they play has an extremely important role in this? Play assists with the development of motor skills and the ability a child has to move and control muscles.

There are two core motor skill groups: gross motor skills are defined as the larger movements involving legs, arms, feet or the entire body like jumping, crawling or running. Fine motor skills are smaller actions like an infant using lips and tongue to taste all those interesting objects which seem to be everywhere, or as they grow using fingers and thumb to grasp objects. These motor skills usually develop together as most activities involve both gross and fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills are generally the fastest to develop and are controlled by your child’s physical growth. Development usually follows a head to toe principle, children usually gain gross motor skills beginning with the head followed by their shoulders, upper arms, and hands. The next stage involves hips, pelvis and legs. Overtime, infants will start to crawl, pull themselves up and stand holding onto things like furniture before taking their first independent steps followed by the stage where running everywhere is exciting and climbing everywhere they can is a great game to stress parents out.

Usually by the age of three children have good posture and can walk without having to look at their feet. They have gained more control, can make sudden stops and change direction quickly. More advanced skills are being learnt such as hopping, riding a tricycle and throwing a ball.

By the time your child is a pre-schooler they can catch balls and throw them accurately, jump forward and backwards and some can master skipping. By now children have developed self consciousness about their physical abilities and feel great when they master a new skill.

As your school age child grows they will continually learn new motor skills and co-ordination, like riding a bike, swimming or using roller skates, although it may not be until adolescence that good hand eye coordination, endurance and the ability to judge distances are more developed.

John Deere Bikes For Kids

Pedal-powered ride-on toys are perhaps the best known category of ride-on toys available, and there is a plethora of styles and colours available. From tricycles and bicycles to pedal powered trucks and tractors, the selection of ride-on vehicles available is as grand as the adventures they will be taken on.

The Little Tikes 3-in-1 Trike is a great option for tiny tots. This trike starts out by being completely powered by mum or dad pushing from behind. The pedals are locked in position, and the child just sits and is pushed along. As the tot becomes more comfortable the trike is just guided by mum or dad and finally the trike ends up being solely powered by little feet on the pedals. The 3-in-1 trike features an adjustable seat that can accommodate just about any child, and a removable push handle for mum and dad.

Tricycles aren’t always for the littlest riders. The Razor RipRider 360 Caster Trike is suitable for children from 5 years and up. This is more of a trick vehicle rather than a straight forward trike. The rear-wheels have been replaced with casters, making 360 degree turn a breeze. The Berg Triggy Tri-Kart is another similar trike. This fast little trike is suitable for children 3 to 8 and allows them to drive forward and in reverse! A helmet as well as knee and elbow pads are strongly recommended for these and other similar trikes!

Every child should have a bicycle, and bikes are available in all colours and styles. But while bikes are a great option to use on the sidewalk and in getting from one place to another, be it school, the park or the library, for backyard adventures one of the other myriad pedal-powered ride-on toys may be better suited. Not so much instead of a bike, but rather in addition to one!