Kids Slides

So, you have now bought a nice pair of kids slides that your child actually chose, but just after the first time they wear them, they start complaining of feeling pain and facing several problems. Although you (as well as your kid) want to keep this beautiful pair of sandals, the problem increases and you are obliged to put them away and go for a different pair of shoes, kids slides or in general for children of all ages something more comfortable.

But, as millions of people all around the world -including you- would agree with us, flip flops are the most comfortable footwear ever. So, the question is: what should I do? Put them away, buy another pair of thongs and hope that my child will feel comfortable with them or…?

Well, the answer is hidden in this or… which means that you don’t have to throw your child’s new thongs away or go out shopping and get a new pair. Remember, that they are made to fit and offer comfort to the wearer, plus that they are the most comfortable footwear worldwide – probably throughout the history of human race.

People tend to walk barefoot for thousands of years, and this little, cheap piece of rubber resembles this habit more than any other… and your child is not an exception.

Current companies producing thongs have paid lots of hours and dollars to making them as comfortable as possible and the ones you have just bought are no exception also. However, they are also made under mass production and problems of convenience might always appear. To surpass them or -at least- to reduce the possibilities of such problems there are certain things you must do.

The main problems that your child might face is pain caused from the stripes, pain in the arch, due to inadequate arch support or pain in the Achilles. To surpass these problems there is a series of rules that you should NEVER forget.

Rule no.1 is: never -Ever, ever- let your child wear them out of your house before getting acquainted to them. This is a rule I follow with all footwear, but it is a must-do with thongs. These might be the most comfortable footwear ever, but they can also be the source of a lot of harm to your child’s feet. By letting your children wear them in your house for the first week, they will be acquainted to them and their thongs will fit tighter to their feet, while they will know if this specific pair is comfortable enough. If you ask children who have negative emotions against thongs about their first experience with them, they will all tell you that they wore them out of the house and their feet got such harm that they hated them. Just follow rule no.1 and you’ll give your child the chance to be easy and enjoy the comfort that this certain footwear provide not only for this first week, but forever.

Rule no.2 is: discuss with your children on their brand new footwear and try to learn as much things as possible on how they feel. Well, this is actually a rule that you should implement in all aspects of your relation with your kids. Although kids – both boys and girls – are not adults, they have the right to like or dislike things and we have the obligation to hear their voice. Flip flops are not an exception. If your son or daughter says “No”, then try to explain him or her why you say “Yes”. If they say that they don’t fit their feet, then go back to rule no. 1. If they intend that they don’t like them, then take them a walk out of the house, show them other kids (or adults) wearing the same footwear for boys and girls and show them the huge number of possibilities for personalization they provide.

Rule no. 3 is: take advantage of your kids (or teenager’s) need for personalization and show him/her that flip flops are the ideal solution for this purpose. Just let him buy his favorite color or seek a pair of flip flops at the beach with his favorite toy, or work with her in decorating a pair of flip flops and help them ready to change their attitude!

Last, Rule no. 4: you will probably never need any of these rules, as your little ones will surely adore their new flip flops.

Choosing the Right Day and Night Flip Flops and Sandals For Baby Boys and Girls

As a parent you naturally want the best for your child. When it comes to their health, safety and development most of us try to follow what pediatricians recommend. In prior years it was a common practice to buy your babies sturdy, hard-soled shoes the moment they looked ready to start taking those first steps. It was believed that these thick rubber soled shoes would help your baby learn to walk better. Today, pediatricians recommend just the opposite. Doctors recommend that babies who are ready to start walking should either go barefoot or wear soft soled or very flexible shoes.

Our walking patterns begin with our first steps. Babies learn to walk by gripping the ground with their toes and using their heels for stability. When learning to walk, babies’ muscles develop better without the use of shoes. Barefoot might not always be an option for your child when learning to walk. If you have a lot of hard flooring in your house such as hard-wood, vinyl, or tile, the floor might become very cold during the winter. In this case, you might want to consider a pair of sandals, slides, or flip flops for your baby in order to keep them warm, and to help them prevent from accidental slip. There are also other instances, such as walking outdoors, where shoes or flip flops are used to protect your baby’s feet.

Does Wearing Flip Flops Or Slides Help Your Kid In Walking Better?

When buying kids slides or flip flops for a baby who is learning to walk, you will want to buy soft soled shoes or sandals for kids that offer a bit of traction to prevent slips and falls. Usually white baby sandals handmade of genuine leather such as authentic baby or infant moccasins, slides for babies or a shoe with a thick rubber sole that is very flexible is best. Once your baby becomes an avid walker, he or she can graduate to a more durable and rigid kids slides or flip flops.

When buying shoes for a baby who is learning to walk, you will want to buy soft soled shoes or sandals for kids that offer a bit of traction to prevent slips and falls. Usually baby shoes handmade of genuine leather such as authentic baby or infant moccasins, or a shoe with a thick rubber sole that is very flexible is best. Once your baby becomes an avid walker, he or she can graduate to a more durable and rigid shoe.

Other molds to a child’s foot for a good fit. Soft soled leather moccasins baby shoes are the next best thing to being barefoot. It is recommended that you speak with your pediatrician if you have any questions about your child’s walking development and proper footwear from Nike and other top shoe brands.

Get Only The Safest Kids Slides For Your Child

Today, most of the hottest styles in adult sneakers are available in kids’ sizes. Brands such as Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Saucony and Sketchers spend a great deal of time and advertising dollars to promote their products to kids. There are specialized shoes for just about any sport your kid could get into, such as running, basketball, baseball, hiking and water sports.

Shoe and sandals choices for girls also mirror adult styles. Strappy sandals, funky wedges, cute flats and platform shoes are available for girls at every price point and in all the colors of the rainbow. Kids slides of varying styles, from Adidas and Nike are also for sale, and can be found for boys and girls of any age.

Check out viable reviews for kids slides for boys too. While the range of colors for boys is much more conservative than it is for girls, there are a lot more colors available than the standard black, tan or cordovan.