Beach buggy For Kids beach buggy

Children love cars and trucks and things that move. There is not one child out there who hasn’t dreamed about being behind the wheel or at the controls of a moving vehicle. That’s why toy cars and trucks and trains are very popular gift items for children. But pushing and pulling toys around is not the same as actually driving an actual car. Short of getting the kids cars they can’t drive until they get their driver’s licenses, what can a parent do? The dune buggy for kids conveniently solves this little dilemma, giving children eight years old and up the chance to drive and hone their driving skills on their very own small vehicle.

A Surprise Filled World With Dune Buggies

This miniature electrically-powered buggy is reminiscent of the old dune buggies of the 1970s, so parents may feel a little nostalgic whenever they see their child drive around in their buggy. Capable of reaching a speed of 9 miles per hour, dune buggies for kids are fast enough for the child who feels the need for speed along with rival drivers, crazy powerups in a pretend road rage epic battle, and yet slow enough for the safety-conscious parent.

The buggy can carry any rider who weighs up to 120 lbs in a bucket seat complete with a seat strap to keep the driver safe and secure within the vehicle. The rear tires are equipped with terrain-following suspension to give the child creative 0owerups in a smooth ride. A twist grip accelerates the buggy, while a hand brake slows and stops the vehicle.

Increased Creative Powerups and Earn Achievements!

Dune buggies are powered by a high-torque electric motor which can run continuously for 45 minutes before the 24V lead acid battery needs a 12-hour charge. This may be a problem for children who may want more time behind the wheel but can be a godsend for parents who find it hard to get the kids back into the house. The vehicle structure is made out of steel, which makes it durable and capable of brushing off all the bumps the buggy will take at the hands of the child at the wheel. While the safety strap and steel construction make the buggy a safe vehicle to drive, having the driver wear a helmet and other protective gear is still recommended. The buggy comes fully assembled out of the box, cutting down on assembly and preparation time.

With proper safety precautions and adult supervision, dune buggies can give children and parents alike much fun and enjoyment. While the battery can only keep the buggy running for 45 minutes and needs half a day to charge, the buggy’s other features make this a great gift for children who love cars and trucks and all things that move.

Exciting Kart Racing Action

Driving go karts is one of the most enjoyable hobbies imaginable. If you have kids who you struggle to motivate to get off the couch, buying them a go kart is one of the best ways to accomplish this feat. However, many parents are kind of clueless when it comes to buying a go kart for their children. They often have no idea where to start. If you are considering buying a go kart for kids, here is a guide to help you succeed in your task.

Differentiating Between a Go Kart and a Buggy

Sometimes buyers get confused about the difference between a go kart and a buggy. In general, go karts are smaller than buggies. Also, buggies are usually designed for off-road use, but go karts are designed to be used on paved surfaces. Buggies usually have larger, more powerful engines than go karts as well.

Go Karts Versus Race Karts

There are some differences between race karts and go karts that buyers need to be aware of. Go karts are the option that most buyers go with. This is because go karts are more of a recreational vehicle. Most go karts are designed to be used on any surface. Kids can drive them around the neighborhood in most areas.

On the other hand, race karts are designed for racing. They are usually lowered towards the ground in order to give them better traction. This makes them impractical for driving off of a racing surface. Because they are so low to the ground, they can often be damaged if they are taken out on regular roads with their bumps and potholes.

Kart Racers

If you do not have a racetrack in your area, it does not mean that you cannot buy a race kart for your kids. Many people like to take their race karts out to an empty parking lot on the weekends. You can use cones to layout your own race course on an empty parking lot. If you find other kids in the area who have racing karts, you can organize your own races for all the local drivers.

The Beach Buggy Or Quad Bike For Kids

Beach Buggy Quad Bikes For Kids: Which One Is Right?

Should you get a cheap quad bike for your child? Below, we have set out some reasons which may help you decide on what type of Child’s Quad Bike to buy. Why look at cheap?

It is pretty much stamped into our minds from when we were children that you should always look at getting a good deal, which can sometimes come at the cost of quality. When selecting a beach buggy for kids you have to take a completely different stance which is explained next.

If the purchase was for yourself, you would always try and get the best beach buggy at the cheapest price, right? This in account works the same way with the purchase of a car, a TV and even a mobile phone. But can you answer this; Why do we look at the cheapest option when buying for your children?

Beach Buggy Racing

With summer just around the corner, children will want to play in the garden. So it is important that you get the right outdoor play equipment for them to play with. There are many different things you can buy for your kids this summer, such as kids beach buggies, swings, slides and even wooden dolls houses. However if your children are slightly older and want something unique and fun to do, then it is advised that you buy the best quad bikes for them.

Quads are loved by kids, so before you decide to buy one for your children, it is important that you know more about them. There are two types of quad bikes available in the market, electric and petrol.

Electric quads such as beach buggies are great for children that are small as they are easy to handle and do not go as fast as the petrol quad bikes. They are easy to clean and maintain, so it is best for those children who have never had a quad bike before. Electric quads are also cheap, therefore make a great gift for birthdays or Christmas. They’re also a perfect way for kids’ beach buggy racing!

Safety Is Important

Parents will need to make sure that their kids wear protective gear all the time when riding the quads in the backyard or front garden. Children should wear long sleeves and trousers to protect the skin from grazes or scratches if they fall. Helmets, kneepads and elbow pads should be worn at all times to protect the head and joints from serious injuries.